How to look after your brushes.

The Borstiq, Grooming Deluxe and Stubben brushes sold in this store all have wooden or leather backs.  Great care should be taken in looking after them.  The brush backs should not be submerged in water.  Clean the bristles, during use, with a curry comb. When required wash the bristles following the instructions below. If the brush backs become wet, allow them to dry thoroughly before reusing.

Haas, Oster and Wahl brushes can all be washed, except those in the Haas range with a leather brush back. 

The photo on the right shows one of my own brushes, before and after washing.

I use a bucket of warm water with a mild baby shampoo added. Dip the bristles in the water and swish them around, using your hand to rub them, if needed.  I then rinse any shampoo out in a clean bucket of water.  I do not submerge this brush. Although the brush back is plastic, this brush has a leather hand strap. The Saddler in me feels its very wrong to get the leather wet! I use a leather balm on the hand strap.
The brushes are left to dry thoroughly, bristles down, on a towel before further use.
There is a link below, which will take you to a brush cleaning tutorial on my Facebook page                                                          


The lambswool in these brushes will alter in appearance once they have been washed.  It will look like a washed sheepskin numnah or girth sleeve in texture.  It will still work effectively but will no longer be fluffy.  I feel it is best to wash these brushes as infrequently as possible.
It should also be noted that with use and washing, that the sheepskin centre may come away from the brush.  The sheepskin is glued into position. The sheepskin can be glued back in using a glue gun, or similar.
I recommend that you keep your Diva brushes in a bag to keep them as clean as possible when not in use.