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Magic Brushes need no introduction!  

Super brushes for cleaning off dried mud and sweat, and removing loose hair.  They will remove hair from saddle cloths etc and scrub mud off boots.  They are also great is your horse likes a good scratch when being groomed.

These brushes are hygienic.  Being plastic with plastic bristles they are easily washed.

There is now a Magic Brush Soft as well.  See seperate listing.

A plastic brush with plastic bristles available in a huge range of colours (that I have tried my hardest to describe!)

They measure approx 16.5cm x approx 5cm, at their narrowest point.

Bristles are approx 1.75cm long.

Please note: these brushes are sold individually and not in packs of 3.  Therefore some may have a display/product card attached to them and some may not.
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