About Chic Cheval

Chic Cheval came about after an 'off the cuff' comment from a sales agent that I had know for a very long time.
I am not new to this trade. I owned a successful saddlery for 25 years, running the shop and working as a Qualified Bench Saddler and a Qualified Saddle Fitter.
I sold my shop in 2015 and thought I had retired from the equestrian retail trade! Apparently not!!
So, after resisting going on-line with my saddlery, the techno dinosaur that I am, 'changed tack', built my own website and opened this unique, specialised store. 

A little bit about the brushes

Borstiq Brushes are top quality wooden backed brushes and accessories from Sweden.

These very effective and visually beautiful brushes consist of two brush designs, the curved 'Banana' range and the 'Shaped' range.

Banana brushes are more suited to smaller hands. The ergonomic shape of both brush designs make them both easy and comfortable to hold.

Grooming Deluxe is a stunning range of wooden backed brushes, wooden tack room equipment and accessories.

The brushes come in two shapes, a 'Curvy' brush and a 'Chunky' brush, both with ergonomic shapes.

The tack room equipment is currently only available from my trade stands, however if you wish to arrange courier collection, this can be arranged.

None of Grooming Deluxe's brushes contain any animal hair or fur, even their grooming mitt is made from man made fibres.

produce a huge range of brushes that are so technical that there is a brush for every coat type and grooming requirement. 
I have sold these brushes for many years, before they were even a 'thing', so I am aware that the amount of brushes can be quite confusing,
especially as so many of them look so similar. Don't be shy, ask for help if you need it.
Haas also produce a large range of colourful brushes and accessories. 

Oster brushes are very effective brushes and used by many professional grooms.
Their ergonomic shape make them easy and comfortable to hold. These brushes can be used narrow end up for grooming less accessible places such as behind the horses ears or between their front legs. The Oster Mane and Tail brushes and Curry Combs are second to none and are super effective.

Stubben......did you even know that Stubben produce a range of brushes as beautiful as their saddlery?   This range is small, but includes some very nice smaller body brushes and the iconic shaped leather backed body brushes. You will also find the full range of Stubben leather care products in this store.


Wahl are a small range of economical, but still highly effective brushes. Their smaller, narrower shape makes them ideal for those with smaller hands. These brushes all have man made bristles.

Between the six manufacturers, I think I have a brush for every owner/groom and every horse.

In my descriptions of the individual brushes, on the website, you will find my own thoughts on the brushes based on personal experience, as well as the manufacturers descriptions.

All of my products are kept in stock in the UK.

If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me.