Brush Sets

What is a Brush Set?

A Brush Set is simply a collection of brushes, a grooming kit, put together because they do a specific job, or because they compliment each other and work well together.

The sets are put together to make purchasing a selection of brushes more straightforward. 

If you require a bespoke Brush Set, tailored your horses needs, I am happy to offer any advice you may need.

The Brush Sets sold in my store consist of well known combinations such as the Haas Coat Type/Colour Brush Sets along with other less well known, but equally effective, sets. I have used my extensive knowledge of owners and horses requirements to put together sets of brushes from Borstiq and Haas. These sets include a set of Borstiq everyday brushes and a very useful set of Borstiq brushes for use on more sensitive horses. There are sets of Haas brushes with colourful brush backs, available in six different colours, in both adults and childrens brush sizes, which are perfect for lovers of Matchy-Matchy, or those that like to have colour coded items for each horse. You will also find an Oster Brush set and my very own Haaster set, which is a mix of Haas and Oster brushes. If you are looking for something really special then there is a beautiful set of five Haas Diamond brushes and a recently introduced set that includes three key brushes from the Diamond Range.

Haas Coat Colour Sets

These are a combination of brushes put together to combat the problems associated with different coat types/colours.

There is a set for white/grey/light dun/palomino/coloured horses, a set for chestnut/light bay horses and a set for dark bay/black horses. There is also a Universal set, for owners who have several different horses of different coat types and colours.

Think it's all a gimmick? Then read on!

The biggest problems with grey/white/light coloured horses fur, are stains and accumulated dirt that lies deep within the coat and against the skin, which always seems to show up even when you have bathed them!

Chestnut/light bay horses tend to have lighter, fluffy coats which act as dust magnets! Chestnut horses often tend to be more sensitive as well.

Dark bay/black horses tend to have short, robust hair and they can produce a lot of oil and sweat. Their coats are often scurfy, dusty and sweaty. Mixed together this combination can be difficult to remove and if not removed pores may become blocked.

So, if horses have different coat types, does it not make sense to use the best available brush combinations for their coat type?

This is were the coat type sets come in, because each set contains the best brushes to deal with problems associated with that particular coat type.

The Grey/White Horse Set is geared up to remove stains and lift accumulated dirt away from the horse skin and out of the coat leaving the coat and skin super clean and stain free.

The Chestnut/light Bay Set is put together to remove as much dust as possible, from deep down in the coat, to the top of the coat, leaving the coat dust free and shiny. 

The Dark Bay/Black Horse Set is a combination of brushes that is designed to clean deep against the horses skin and remove the dirt, scurf and sweat that accumulates in the fur and leave the top of the coat dust free and glossy.

You will find all the Brush Sets, with further details and images, in the 'Store' on this website. Use the Filter and select 'Brush Sets'. Any of these sets can be tailored to your requirements, items such as hoof picks, mane combs and curry combs can all be added.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any help or advice.

All of the brushes sold in my store are kept in stock, in the UK, and are available for immediate dispatch.