Care Of Your Brushes

Daily Care

All of our brushes can be cleaned during your daily grooming routine using an ordinary curry comb, plastic or metal.
Haas, Oster and Wahl brushes can all be washed.
The photos above show one of my own brushes, before and after washing.

PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR BRUSHES IN THE WASHING MACHINE OR DISH WASHER!! It is not so much that the machines will damage the brushes, but rather the cleaning agents/detergents used to clean them can have an adverse effect on the bristles and the detergents may cause a reaction in your horses skin.

Washing Your Brushes

 To wash your brushes, I advise the following:
Use a bucket of warm water with a mild baby shampoo, or similar, added. Dip the bristles into the water and swish them around, using your hand, or a plastic curry comb, to rub/scrub the bristles. Using a second bucket of clean water, rinse any shampoo out, again using your hand to make sure all shampoo is thoroughly removed and rinsed out.
I do not submerge my Haas brushes. Although the brush backs on Haas brushes are mainly plastic, the majority of brushes have leather hand straps. The Saddler in me feels its very wrong to get the leather wet! I use a leather balm on the hand strap after washing my brushes.
The brushes are then left to dry thoroughly, bristles down, on a towel, before further use.
There is a link below, which will take you to a brush cleaning tutorial on my Facebook page:                                                         

Wooden/Leather Backed Brushes

The Borstiq, Grooming Deluxe and Stubben range of brushes sold in this store all have wooden or leather brush backs.
Great care should be taken in looking after them. The brush backs should not be submerged in water.
Clean the bristles, during daily use with a curry comb. When required wash the bristles following the instructions aside.
If the brush backs become wet, allow them to dry thoroughly and naturally before reusing.

Diva Brushes

 Diva Brushes are the Haas Brushes that have a lambswool centre.Once washed the lambswool centre will look like a washed sheepskin numnah, or girth sleeve in texture. It will still be effective but will not retain its fluffiness. Wash these brushes as described above and then rinse them thoroughly under a tap. After rinsing, work as much of the water out of the lambswool as you can and then leave the brush to dry naturally, bristles/lambswool down.
I do have some customers that use a wool wash shampoo on their Diva brushes. This is something I have not tried yet.
I recommend that you keep your Diva Brushes in a bag within your grooming kit to prevent any lotions and potions, chalk etc being accidentally spilt on them.