Borstiq Banana Finishing Brush



The Borstiq Banana Finishing is made from high density, soft horse hair.

This brush has a lovely luxurious feel to it.

This brush will remove any last particles of fine dust from the top of your horses coat, so bringing up a natural shine. It is a great brush to use on clipped coats, or on sensitive horses. It is perfect for a quick last minute flick over before entering the show ring to get rid of any last specs of dust or bits of hay.

The Banana Brushes have a curved shape. They are slightly smaller than the Shaped Brushes so are particularly good for small hands.

Beech wood brush back with dense horse hair bristles.

Measures approx 17.5cm long (from end to end, not following the curve) and approx 5.25cm across.

Bristles are approx 5cm long.

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