Borstiq Bananna Arenga Brush



The Borstiq Banana Arenga has natural fibre Arenga bristles.

Arenga bristles feel like the bristles from a traditional dandy brush.

Great brush for removing dried mud, dried sweat, dirt and grease.

These bristles are quite harsh and I would not recommend this brush for use on sensitive or clipped horses.  However, if your horse enjoys a good scratch whilst being groomed, then this is your brush.

The Banana Brushes have a curved shape. They are slightly smaller than the Shaped Brushes so are particularly good for small hands.

Beech wood brush back with Arenga bristles.

Measures approx 17.5cm long (from end to end, not following the curve) and approx 5.25cm across.

Bristles are approx 5cm long.

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