Borstiq Natural Body Brush



Lovely traditional body brush with dense bristles.

Outer ring of bristles are a light colour and the inner bristles are dark.

This is a good all round body brush. It will remove grease and scurf from the horses coat. This brush is suitable for use on sensitive horses. It is also very useful for putting 'Sharks Teeth' into the horses coat.

The brush comes in 3 sizes. The smallest, with no hand strap, being very useful for doing around the horses head and face.

Beech wood back with a leather hand strap on the medium and large brush. Natural bristles.

This brush comes in 3 sizes:

SMALL measures approx 13cm x 7cm. Bristles are approx 2cm long. This brush has no hand strap

MEDIUM measures approx 17cm x 7cm. Bristles are approx 2cm long. 

LARGE measures approx 21cm x 9cm. Bristles are approx 2cm long. 

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