Borstiq Sensitive Horse Brush Set



This brush set contains Borstiq's Banana Mex Fibre Flick brush, Medium Size Natural Body Brush, Medium Size Goat Fur Body Brush and Banana Finishing Brush.

This set contains brushes from the Borstiq range, that are all suitable for use on sensitive and clipped horses. These brushes are not suited to horses with thick heavy coats.

The Banana Mex Fibre is a reasonably strong flick brush, but not too harsh. It is made from Mexican Fibres. It has been included in this set so that light dried mud, scurf and dirt can be removed.

The Borstiq Natural Body Brush is lovely body brush with dense bristles that will remove scurf. light dried sweat and dust. This brush is suitable for use all over the horses body.

The Goat Fur Brush contains super soft goat hair and can be used on the most sensitive of horses and around the horses face. It is classed as a finishing brush and will not clean deeply into the coat, but will remove any small particles of dust off the top of the coat. It is a lovely pampering brush.

The Banana Finishing Brush is made from high density, soft horse hair. It has a really luxurious feel to it. It is a great brush to use on clipped coats as well as on sensitive horses. This brush is great for flicking dust, shavings and hay off the top of the coat. It is ideal for going over the horse before entering a show ring to get rid of those last bits of dust and hay that seem to appear just as you are about to step into the arena!

All of these brushes are available individually as well as in this set. If you wish to just purchase one or two items from this set please use the 'Filter by Category' drop down menu and click on the Borstiq filter.

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