Borstiq Shaped Brush Set



This brush set contains Borstiq's Shaped Arenga, Medium Flick Brush, large size Natural Body Brush, Shaped Finishing Brush and a Square Mane and Tail Brush.

This set has been put together as a grooming kit for general use. A really beautiful set of natural wooden backed brushes. The set contains the Shaped range of brushes, along with the large sized body brush, so is suited to a larger hand size and is ideal for use on bigger horses too.

The Shaped Arenga has natural fibre bristles and is a tough dandy brush. It will remove dried mud, dried sweat and dried grease. If your horse enjoys a good scratch whilst being groomed it will love this brush. However, I would not recommend the use of this brush on sensitive or clipped horses.

The Shaped Medium brush is one of the few brushes from Borstiq with man made bristles. It is a very useful flick brush and will remove loose hair, dust, scurf and very light dried mud. Great used as part of a grooming routine with the other brushes, but equally as useful if you only have time to give your horse a quick flick over before riding.

The Natural Body Brush (large size) is a super body brush made from dense natural bristles. It will remove grease, scurf and dust from the horses coat.

The Shaped Finishing Brush has soft, dense horse hair bristles and has a luxurious feel to it. This brush will remove any last bits of dust off the stop of the coat, so producing a shine. I find this brush good for removing shavings bedding from the horses coat as well. Its a good brush on sensitive and clipped horses too. Great as last minute prep before entering to show ring to flick off any bits of hay and dust.

Borstiqs Square Mane and Tail Brush has wooden 'teeth'. If your horse, or you, suffer from static when brushing manes and tails, this will eliminate the static.

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