Brenig Madoc



If you could only have one brush in your grooming kit, this would be it! 

A cross between a dandy, body and flick brush. Really versatile. Great for removing dust, scurf and light dried mud.  The bristles are strong but not harsh.  This my 'go to' brush if I only have 10 minutes to flick the dirt off before I ride!

I find this brush really useful on my horse who has Cushings. He has a really dense, long coat. The bristles seem to be really good at separating the curls and dealing with a thicker coat.

Available with blue, green, grey, pink, purple and red backs with co-ordinated synthetic bristles mixed with black bristles.

 Leather hand strap.

Measures 20cm x 9cm. Bristles are 5cm long.

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