Chunky Flick Brush Soft



Please read the descriptions carefully. I have renamed some of the Grooming Deluxe Brushes to make them easier to identify.

These brushes are best suited to finer coated, clipped and more sensitive horses.

A gorgeous anatomically shaped flick brush. The contours down each side of the brush make it very easy and comfortable to hold.

A beautiful brush with a varnished wooden back. Cream coloured bristles on outside, surrounding dark brown and cream bristles on inside. This brush has shorter, slightly softer bristles than the Chunky Flick Brush Hard (Body Brush Middle Hard). A nice, gentle, pampering brush. This brush is more suited to fine summer coats, clipped coats and more sensitive horses.

You will notice little 'arrow heads' notched into the side of these brushes. They act as grips on the varnished surface.

None of the products used in this brush contain any animal products so they are suitable for vegans.

Measures approx 20.5cm long x 5.5cm at narrowest point. Bristles are approx 5.5cm long.

Category Grooming Deluxe