Curvy Brush Long




A beautiful curved, varnished wooden backed flick brush that is contoured on the outer edge for your fingers to sit around.

This brush has long bronzy coloured bristles and is perfect for flicking away any last bits of dust, dirt or hay prior to entering the show ring. As well as being a 'finishing touch' brush, it can also be used on more sensitive and clipped horses.

You will notice little 'arrow heads' notched into the side of these brushes. They act as grips on the varnished surface.

This brush is smaller and lighter than most of the other brushes in Grooming Deluxe range and is very useful for those with smaller hands.

None of the products used in this brush contain any animal products so they are suitable for vegans.

Measures approc 17cm long x 5cm wide. Bristles are approx 7.5cm long.

Category Grooming Deluxe