Dark Bay/Black Brush Set



This brush set contains Parcour, Lipizzaner, Cavaliere, Diamond Gloss and Diva Exklusiv.

This set of brushes is for horses who have a dark bay or black coat.

Black and dark bay horses tend to have short robust coats and can produce a lot of oil. Their coats are often scurfy, dusty and sweaty. The sweat and oil can mix together and become quite difficult to remove. If this is not removed it can result in blocked pores. This brush set will remove dirt and unwanted oils from the skin leaving a lovely clean coat and a healthy shine.

These brush sets are not a magic wand. You will still need to put some effort into your horses grooming. A quick flick over once a week is not going to make much of an impact on your horses coat. However, used regularly and in the correct order, these brushes will make a difference to the way your horses coat looks and feels.

PARCOUR is used first. This brush removes dust, grease and dandruff from the coat.

LIPIZZANER is the second brush used. This is a super, versatile brush and will also act as a stand alone body brush. This brush has 2 lengths of bristles. The longer outer ring of bristles cleans against the skin whilst helping to flatten the coat. The shorter bristles will remove the dirt from the top of the coat. Lipizzaner is an excellent brush for removing light dry mud, scurf and dried sweat.

CAVALIERE is used next. This brush will remove any dirt that is brought to the surface by the first and second brush brush.  

The fourth brush is DIAMOND GLOSS which has very dense, soft horsehair bristles and this brush removes any finer residue off the top of the hair so bringing up a shine on the coat.  

Lastly is DIVA EXKLUSIV, which will remove any tiny traces of dust from the coat ready for that show ring finish.

This brush set contains a Diva Brush. Please read the following information carefully.

(please note, when washed the texture of the lambswool centre will change and will become like a washed wool numnah or girth sleeve. The brush will still be effective but it will not look fluffy.

It has also been noted that the sheepskin centres may fall out of the centre of the brush. They are only glued in. Haas recommend that the lambswool is glued back into place using a glue gun, or similar.)  

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