Diamond Diva



A Diva 'polishing' brush to match the 'Diamond Collection' of brushes. Fluff and glitter, what more could you ask for!!

This brush is just so pretty!

Lambswool centre surrounded by an outer ring of bristles.  The last finishing touch to your grooming regime. This brush is a polishing brush and will remove any tiny traces of dirt off the top of the coat, polishing it and bringing up that show ring shine bling!

This brush is one of six Diva brushes that is stocked in this store.

Gold glitter brush back.

Polypropylene brush back with leather hand strap.

It is a good idea to keep your Diva Brush in a separate bag withing your grooming kit to prevent anything being accidentally spilt on it.

Measures approx 19.5cm x 9cm.