Diamond Grooming Set



Because Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

This beautiful set of 5 brushes contains Diamond Wurzel, Diamond Classic, Diamond Gloss, Diamond Diva and Diamond Noir.

These brushes have painted black brush backs with gold glitter and a black leather hand strap. All of the brushes in this set are available individually and can be found using the 'Diamond Brush' Filter.

DIAMOND WURZEL has long strong bristles that remove stubborn dirt and dried mud. A great brush to use on thicker coated horses and native ponies too.

DIAMOND CLASSIC is a body brush with 2 lengths of bristles. The outer ring of bristles are longer than the central bristles. This brush cleans deeply into the coat at the same time as cleaning the top of the coat. The longer bristles help to smooth and flatten the coat. This brush will remove light dried mud, scurf and grease. A good strong, but not harsh, body brush.

DIAMOND GLOSS has soft, dense horse hair bristles which remove fine dust from the top of the coat, so bringing up a natural shine.

DIAMOND DIVA is the brush with a lambswool centre and an outer ring of bristles. This brush is the polishing brush and will remove any last traces of dust from the top of the coat to bring up that show ring shine.

DIAMOND NOIR removes fine dust and dirt from the top of horses coat. Its a very useful brush to give the horse a quick flick over before entering the show ring to remove any stray bits of hay, dust etc. Its also a very good brush to use on sensitive horses.

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