Diamond Sparkle Brush Set



Please read through this description carefully. This set DOES NOT contain all of the brushes from the Diamond brush range.

The Diamond range of brushes are striking in appearance with black brush backs, sprinkled with gold glitter, and black leather hand straps.

This beautiful brush set contains 3 key brushes from the Diamond brush range, along with a New Generation (Soft) Curry Comb, a Haas hoof pick and Haas mane comb. This set can be used on all coat colours. The set has been put together to provide the user with a really nice grooming kit that covers all your horses essential grooming needs.   

New Generation (Soft Curry Comb) is a softer, more flexible version of Haas's standard curry comb. Use this brush to remove loose hair and dried mud. It is also a good brush for massaging your horse, or if your horse likes a scratch when being groomed. I have included this curry comb in the set because I think this brush is easier to hold than the hard curry comb because its more flexible. (If you wish, you can swap this curry comb for the harder version. You can also swap the colour of the curry comb as well. Please contact me if you wish to customise your set.)

Diamond Wurzel is made from high quality strong Rice Root Bristle. This brush has long, strong bristles that remove stubborn dirt and dried mud with ease. A good brush for thicker coated horses too.

Diamond Classic is a fabulous body brush made from a mix of horse hair. This brush will remove dried sweat, scurf and light dried mud. It has an outer, longer ring of bristles so this brush removes dirt from against the skin as well as the top of the coat. The longer bristles help to smooth the hair.
Diamond Gloss is a soft body brush with super dense 1.25” black natural horsehair bristles. Ideal as a gloss/finishing brush. Perfect for removing fine dust, which brings up a natural shine. This brush can also be used on more sensitive horses. This brush is very popular.

The Haas hoof pick and mane comb included in this set come in black. (If you wish to swap them to a different colour to customise your set, please contact me)

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