Diva (Mini)



The slightly smaller version of the Diva (Standard) polishing brush.

A polishing brush for getting the last particles of dust off the top of the coat, so bringing up that show ring shine. 

The brush has outer ring of soft horse hair bristle surrounding a lambswool centre.

This brush is one of six Diva brushes sold in this store.

Blue polypropylene brush back with elasticated hand strap.

Measures approx 17cm x 9cm. Outer ring of bristles measure approx 2.75cm long.

I suggest you keep this brush in a bag to protect it ie keep it clean.

(please note, when washed the texture of the lambswool centre will change and will become like a washed wool numnah or girth sleeve. The brush will still be effective but it will not look fluffy.
It has also been noted that the sheepskin centres may fall out of the centre of the brush. They are only glued in. Haas recommend that the lambswool is glued back into place using a glue gun, or similar.)