Grey Horse Brush Set



This 3 brush set contains Schimmel, Lipizzaner and Fellglanzburste.

This set of brushes is for horses who have a grey/white coat, palominos, light dun coats and coloured horses (those with brown/white and black/white coats).

I have a coloured horse, brown and white, and would be lost without the brushes in this set.

With grey, or light coloured horses, the biggest problems are usually stains and accumulated dirt on the skin. How many times have you bathed your horse, riden them afterwards and found the sweat brings up more dirt to the top of the coat!?

This combination of brushes help to remove the stains and accumulated dirt. These brush sets are not a magic wand. You still need to put some effort into grooming. A quick flick over once a week is not going to make an impact on the cleanliness off your horses coat. However, used regularly and in the correct order, these brushes will make an difference to the way you horses coat looks and feels.

SCHIMMEL is the the first brush used in this set. This brush is made from strong coconut fibres. These fibres help lift the dirt off the hair so removing stains such as poo stains, grass marks and stains left on legs when mares are in season. This brush will also remove dried mud, however, I am quite precious about my Schimmel brush and do only use it for stain removing. Schimmel does have strong firm bristles, so if your horse is sensitive, you will need to use this brush with care. (My horse is very sensitive and I have no problems grooming him with it at all) A lot of horses really love this brush because it gives them a good scratch whilst being groomed.

The second brush used is LIPIZZANER. This brush has a longer outer ring of bristles surrounding shorter inner bristles. The longer bristles in this brush enable the dirt to be lifted away from the skin, whilst the shorter bristles remove dirt from the top of the coat. The longer bristles also flatten the coat. This brush will remove dried sweat, scurf and light dried mud. It is a very useful brush and can be used as a very effective stand alone body brush.

FELLGLANZBURSTE is the third brush used in this set. Fellglanzburste, translated means, 'fur shine brush'. Its dense, softer bristles remove any finer particles of dirt left on the top of the coat. This brush is also a lovely pampering brush and can be used around the horses head, on sensitive areas and on clipped horses, which makes it another very useful stand alone brush.

If you have a mud monster, a super useful brush to add to this set is Mustang. This is the best mud removing brush EVER! Use this brush before Schimmel.

You could, if you wish, add a Diva Brush into this set. Diva brushes are the 'Polishing Brush' with the Lambswool centre. 

It is essential to keep your brushes clean whilst cleaning all horses, but even more so with light coloured coats. Grooming a white horse with dirty brushes is not going to achieve optimum results. Use a curry comb at regular intervals and wash the brushes when required. See the 'Care of the Brushes' page on my website.

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