Haas Adult's Colourful Grooming Set



This set contains Brenig Madoc, Capriole, Grundy's Finest, Schmuseburste (Cuddle Brush), Hoofpick and Mane Comb.

I have put these sets together for owners that want a colourful set of every day grooming brushes, but with the Haas quality. 

Perfect grooming kits for those lovers of 'Matchy-Matchy'! 

All the brushes in this selection have black leather hand straps.

Brenig Madoc is just a brilliant all round brush. It is my go-to brush when I only have time to give my horse a quick flick over before riding. Its a cross between a light dandy brush, a flick brush and a body brush. Super versatile.

Capriole is a body brush made with black horse hair bristles. It is not overly strong and could be used on a more sensitive or clipped horse. A great everyday brush.

Grundy's Finest is a gentle body brush made from soft dense mane hair. It can be used as a gentle, pampering body brush or as a finishing brush. It removes dust off the top of the coat so helping to produce a natural shine. Great to use on more sensitive areas, and on sensitive and clipped horses.

Schmuseburste (Cuddle Brush) has soft, mixed grey horse hair bristles and is perfect as a face brush and for use around more sensitive areas.

Haas Hoof Pick and Mane Comb. I love these mane combs, they are great for parting the mane when plaiting up.

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