Haas Essentials Brush Set



I love this brush set and it was put together with my own horses needs in mind. My horses live out 24/7 in the summer and are in at night in the winter. Our field is on clay and they are mud monsters! They are not competition horses and have thickish coats that take quite a bit of cleaning!! However, I still want their coats and skin to be as clean and healthy as possible. This set ticks all the boxes.

The Haas Everyday Essential Set equips you with a set of brushes that can be used everyday, as well as for show prep. It contains all the necessary brushes for keeping your horses coat clean and healthy. 

This set contains a Haas Soft Rubber Curry Comb, Mustang, Military, Diamond Gloss and Koftburste (face) brushes.

Haas Soft Rubber Curry Comb (New Generation) is a fabulous brush for removing loose hair, shedding coats and dry mud. If you look on my Facebook page, "Chic Cheval Brush Store", you will find videos of me using this brush on my own horses. (You can swap the colour of this curry comb if you wish, to any of the colourful ones. Just let me know when you order)

Mustang is just a brilliant brush. It is the best brush for removing dried mud. This brush has fine brass bristles mixed with synthetic bristles and although it sounds harsh, it isn't. (I would advise careful use on clipped or  more sensitive horses). As well as being fabulous at removing mud this brush is great for grooming through thick native type coats and Cushings coats. Again you will see me demonstrating this brush on my horses on my Facebook page.

Military is a good, strong body brush. It has an outer ring of longer bristles. This brush will thoroughly clean through the coat and down to the skin removing dirt, dust and scurf, whilst distributing the horses natural oils through the coat. Military will also remove dried sweat and light dried mud. For heavy, dried mud use the brushes above.

Diamond Gloss is a 'finishing brush' and can also be used as a pamper brush. This brush has super dense soft horsehair bristles for grooming the top of the coat. This brush does not remove dirt from deep within the coat. For optimum results this brush should be used after your horse has been thoroughly groomed with a body brush. Diamond Gloss will remove the last bits of dust off the top of the coat, so bringing up a natural shine. This brush can also be used on sensitive horses.

Lastly, we have Koftburste, or the head/face brush. This is a smaller brush, measuring approx 14cm x 7cm, with soft grey/white horsehair bristles. Perfect for brushing around the horses head and also very useful for doing more delicate and sensitive areas.

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