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A very original name for this grooming set, even though I do say so myself! A brilliant grooming set, taking great brushes from both the Oster and Haas range to give you an excellent all round grooming kit.

This brush set contains the Oster Stiff (Cleaning) Brush, Haas Capriole and Grundys Finest Brushes, Oster Mane and Tail Brush, Oster Curry Comb and a Haas Wash Brush.

The Haas Wash brush is great for bath time and for removing stains, using water. I think it is excellent for cleaning legs and hooves. The bristles are cut away at the center part of the brush so the bristles 'wrap' around the horses leg and hooves.

The Oster Stiff (Cleaning) Brush has strong bristles and I would class it as a Dandy Brush. It will remove dried mud, dried sweat and loosened hair.

Capriole is a body brush made with black horse hair bristles. It is not overly strong and could be used on a more sensitive or clipped horse. It will remove dirt and light dried sweat from the horses coat.

Grundys Finest is a gentle body brush made from soft dense mane hair. It can be used as a gentle, pampering body brush or as a finishing brush. It takes the dust off the top of the coat so helping to produce a natural shine. Great to use on more sensitive areas, and on sensitive and clipped horses.

The Mane and Tail Brush from Oster is, in my opinion, the best Mane and Tail Brush available. I do not know what makes them so good, but they do an excellent job!

I give you the choice of 2 Curry Combs in this set:

The Course Curry Comb is much stronger than the Fine version. Both will remove dried mud and hair, and are a really useful brush for massaging the horse. The Fine brush is suited to more sensitive horses and lighter coats. The Course Comb is fabulous on hairy, native coats and is brilliant for a horse that likes a good scratch when being groomed.

Hoof picks and mane combs can be added in, if required. I have not put them in as standard because there are too many options. You will find Haas hoof picks and mane combs using the 'Haas Accessories' filter, and Oster hoof picks and mane combs can be found by using the 'Oster' filter.

This set is available in blue or pink.

Please note that as the brushes are made by 2 different manufacturers there is a difference in colour tones between Haas and Oster brushes.

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