Large Haas Brush Set



I am absolutely delighted to be able to offer two variations of  grooming sets put together using the range of large brushes from Haas. 

The brushes in these sets are larger versions of the medium size Haas brushes. Perfect for a larger hand size and also brilliant for grooming bigger horses!

This set consists of  Wurzel,  Military and Grundys Finest, with an option of adding Schimmel if you have a horse with a light coloured coat.

Wurzel is a strong brush that will remove dried mud, dried sweat and scurf.

Military is a body brush with an outer ring of longer bristles. This brush thoroughly cleans the coat removing dust and scurf along with light dried mud and dried sweat. A very useful tough, but not harsh, body brush.

Grundys Finest is a coat gloss brush. This brush will remove dust of the top of the coat after the horse has been brushed with Military. It is made of dense, soft bristles so also makes a very useful pamper brush.

Schimmel is an optional extra in the Men's set. This is the stain removing brush and is an essential brush for anyone that has a light coloured horse which is prone to getting stains.

The brushes in this set all measure approx 21cm x 10cm.
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