A body brush that has bristles made with a mixture of horse hair.

Brilliant strong, but not harsh body brush, that will remove dried sweat, scurf and light dried mud. 

This brush forms part of the Grey/White Horse Brush Set and several others. 

A perfect brush if you just want to add one good body brush into your existing grooming kit. 

It is an ideal brush to pair with Fellglanzburste, or Schimmel, if you would like to purchase two brushes and have a horse with a light colour coat. 

This brush has 2 lengths of bristles.  The shorter bristles, in the centre of the brush, clean the top of the coat.  The longer, black outer bristles remove dust/dirt away from the skin and help to flatten the coat.

Polypropylene back with a mixture of dark and grey horse hair bristles and man made bristles. Leather hand strap.

Measures approx 19.5cm x 9.5cm.  Outer bristles measure approx 2.5cm long.