Liveryman Black Beauty Clipper (Mains)



Powerful clippers, with a cable and plug, that run on mains electricity.

The Black Beauty Battery Pack is available separately and the clippers can simply be plugged into the battery rather than the mains.

The Black Beauty Clippers are fabulous. They have a powerful brushless motor which enables them to clip through the thickest of winter coats with ease.

They are a large clipper and relatively heavy compared to the Liveryman Harmony Plus. 

Capable of clipping for hours without over heating, which makes them ideal for use by professional clippers, multiple horse owners or someone who just wants to get the job done as quickly as possible!

A very useful feature of the Black Beauty is its variable speed control. The speed can be adjusted from 1500-2700rpm. Slowing the speed of the clipper reduces noise and vibration levels. High speeds can be used for clipping the majority of hair off and on horses that are familiar with being clipped. The slower speeds can be used to do the horses face or any other sensitive area and is a great feature when clipping more nervous horses.

The clippers come with a pair of A2 medium blades.