Liveryman Harmony Plus Clipper



These clippers are supplied with a 2.4mm wide/fine blade.

The super versatile Harmony Plus can be used as both a clipper and a trimmer. They are super easy to use and are ideal for novice clippers. Perfect for owners that have one or two horses that they want to clip and trim.

These clippers are light weight, easy to hold, quiet and have low vibration. The low noise makes them ideal for use on sensitive and nervous horses.

There are a huge range of blades available for this clipper, that includes narrow, wide and skip tooth blades that clip from .25mm to 13 mm .

I'm not going to tell you they are super fast, because they aren't, but they are fast enough and powerful enough for me to clip my heavy horses, one of which has Cushings, so his coat is very thick. They will also happily clip off very substantial feathers and hog manes. I can clip the body of one of my horses on one charge but always recharge to do their legs.

I love that the blades are easily interchangeable. I use a wide blade for clipping the body and will change to a narrow blade for clipping more tricky bits and around the face. I find the 4.8mm blades very useful for summer clips, winter clips on my older horse, and for trimming legs.

The blades are 'easy change' and just click on and off as a unit. No tensioning is required. 

If you are new to clipping, or have clipped with units that have separate cutters and combs you may initially find the blades on the Harmony Plus a bit tricky to take on and off. It is not unusual for the tongue to snap shut. I have several videos available to send you if you would like a little tuition or help.

The Harmony Clippers will clip for 90 minutes on a full charge. Charging takes approx 3 hours.