Magic Brush Sets



Magic Brushes need no introduction!  

Super brushes for cleaning off dried mud and sweat, and removing loose hair.  They will remove hair from saddle cloths, scrub mud off boots and can be used as a wash brush. If you turn them over they can be used as a sweat scraper. Probably the most versatile brush on the market! Magic Brushes are also great if your horse likes a good scratch when being groomed.

These brushes are hygienic.  Being plastic with plastic bristles they are easily washed.

Magic Brushes come in boxed sets of 3, in various different colour combinations.

Currently in stock I have:
CLASSIC which contains turquoise, mango and hot pink coloured brushes.

LIMITED EDITION which contains a red, white and blue brush.

WILD BERRY contains brushes made from recycled plastic and are available in more muted shades.

A plastic brush with plastic bristles.

Each brush measures approx 16.5cm x approx 5cm, at their narrowest point.

Bristles are approx 1.75cm long.

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