This brush is made from a strong mixture of bristles that contain some horse hair. 

This brush thoroughly cleans the coat removing dust and scurf along with light dried mud and dried sweat. A very useful tough, but not harsh, body brush which is ideal if you just wish to add one good body brush into your grooming kit.

As well as being available individually, this brush also forms part of the Chestnut/Light Bay set and the Universal set. 

If you would like 2 brushes, Military makes a fabulous pairing with Diamond Gloss for Chestnut and Bay horses. If you own a mud monster, use this brush after Mustang. 

This brush has 2 lengths of bristles. The longer ones, around the outside of the brush, clean down to skin and help to smooth the coat, whilst the shorter ones clean the top of the coat.

Polypropylene back with a mix of dark horse hair bristles and man made bristles. Leather hand strap.

Measures approx 21cm x 10cm. Outer bristles measure approx 2.5cm long.