Oster Grooming Set



This brush set contains Oster's Stiff (Cleaning) Brush, Medium Stiff Brush, Medium Finishing Brush, Mane and Tail Brush and a Rubber Curry Comb which can be the coarse or fine version.

Oster Brushes are really comfortable to hold and because of their ergonomic shape they suit ladies and mens hand sizes. I find Oster brushes very useful because they can be turned narrow end up, to groom less accessible places such as behind the horses elbow, between its front legs, around the back of its ears etc.

The Oster Stiff (Cleaning) Brush has strong bristles and I would class it as a Dandy Brush. It will remove dried mud, dried sweat and loosened hair.

Oster's Medium Stiff Brush has medium stiff bristles and I would class this as a good strong body brush. This brush will remove finer dirt and dust from the horses coat.

Oster's Finishing Brush is made from dark horse hair bristles and will remove fine dust and hair from the top of the coat, so helping to bring up a natural shine. This brush can also be used on more sensitive, and clipped, horses.

The Mane and Tail Brush from Oster is, in my opinion, the best Mane and Tail Brush available. I do not know what makes them so good, but they do an excellent job!

I give you the choice of 2 Curry Combs in this set:

The Course Curry Comb is much stronger than the Fine version. Both will remove dried mud and hair, and are a really useful brush for massaging the horse. The Fine brush is suited to more sensitive horses and lighter coats. The Course Comb is fabulous on hairy, native coats and is brilliant for a horse that likes a good scratch when being groomed.

This set is only available in blue.

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