A body brush shaped brush with stiff bristles made from coconut fibres.  These fibres still have some coconut oil in them which helps to lift the stains out of  white/grey and lighter coloured coats

Amazing at removing stains and stubborn dirt. Great for getting scurf out of coats. I have one of these brushes, that I use on my coloured horses white bits, and I think it's brilliant. If you look on my Facebook page you will see videos and photos of me using this brush. I must admit, that even though this brush is more than capable of removing dried mud, I only use mine for stain removing.

Schimmel does have strong, firm bristles, so if your horse is sensitive, you will need to use this brush with care.  However, a lot of horses really love this brush because it gives them a good scratch whilst being groomed.

Polypropylene back with strong coconut fibre bristles. Leather hand strap.

Measures approx 20cm x 9cm. Bristles are 2.5cm long.