Schimmel (Large)



The stain removing brush!!

A larger version of the very popular medium size brush.

Think of this brush as a rubber/eraser for stains!

Amazing at removing stains and stubborn dirt. Great for getting scurf out of coats. An absolutely fabulous brush.

I have one of these brushes, that I use on my coloured horses white bits, and I think it's brilliant. If you look on my Facebook page you will see videos and photos of me using this brush on Dougy. I use this brush daily and by the end of the winter, he has no yellow fur.

I must admit, that even though this brush is more than capable of removing dried mud, I only use mine for stain removing. If your brush bristles are covered in dry mud, they are not going to be effective at removing stains.

Polypropylene back with strong coconut fibre bristles. Leather hand strap.

Measures approx 21cm x 10cm.