Show Time Brush Set



This is a set I put together as a 'limited edition' at a couple of shows that the Brush Store had a trade stand at. The set proved so popular that I have added it to my web store....because we really needed another Brush Set!

This set contains brushes from the Haas Collection and it was put together as a set of brushes to go in your show basket.

Lipizzaner is the first brush in this set. A good strong, but not harsh, body brush which will clean the coat thoroughly removing light dried sweat, any light dried mud and arena surfaces from your horses legs.

Next is Diamond Gloss. This brush will remove any light dust from the top of the horses coat, which will help to produce a natural shine. This Gloss brush will remove any bits of hay that may have ended up on your horse as well. Perfect for a last flick over before you enter the show ring.

The third brush, everyone's favorite, Diva Exklusiv. The brush with the lambswool centre. The polishing brush for that show ring bling shine!

Also included is Koftburste, the face brush, and a Haas cleaning cloth which is ideal to wipe around your horses muzzle or wiping off anything from your jacket!

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