Smart Tails



The Smart Tails Professional tidying rake is a wooden handle thinning rake that will give you the show ring finish in minutes with zero discomfort to your horse.

If you are looking for that smart professional “pulled” look, or just want more definition and less bulk to your horses tail, then this rake is indispensable!

Use the rake evenly down the sides of the tail starting at the top and working down, blend into a tapered look towards the end of the dock. If you are not sure of the finish you would like, do a little bit each day and then damp down and tail bandage for an hour or so. Check and then do a bit more until you get the finish you require.

If you want a more natural finish and are just looking to tidy, choose a coarse or a medium grade. For a closer finish choose a fine blade. Please note if the tail is thick, you may need to start with a medium blade and then use a fine blade for a more refined finish.

The Smart Tail rakes are available in 3 grades:
Course - 8 teeth
Medium - 12 teeth
Fine - 20 teeth
Extra fine is available to order

Replacement blades are available to allow you to interchange them for use on different horses, or replace blunt blades when required.

The rakes are approx 18cm including the handle and the rake. The rake is approx 4.5cm wide.

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