Topline Naturals Soft Mouth Lip and Muzzle Balm



This product is super useful. Soft Mouth Balm can be used as bit butter and can be used as a moisturiser on dry, cracked lips and muzzles. This product is so pure, you can even use it on yourself if you wish!

I have found that my horses are quite happy to have this applied, probably because it smells so good and is palatable. I have a huge 'song and dance' when I need to apply sun tan lotion to muzzles in the summer, but nothing when I apply this!

Can also be used to encourage young horses to mouth.

Made from 99% organic ingredients.

The Soft Mouth Balm is available in 3 sizes:
30ml trial size tin
200gram tin
1 Litre tin (the refil tin is only available via special order)

30ml trial size tin is approx 5cm diametre and 1.75cm deep.
200gram size tin is approx 8cm in diameter and approx 2.5cm deep.

I am not a great fan of coat preps, lotions and potions and I spent a long time searching for a brand I was happy to sell along side the brushes.

Topline Naturals ticked all of my boxes and more. This small range of products are highly effective, kind to your horse and kind to the environment. They are beautifully packaged and smell divine.....what's not to like?

Topline Naturals Products are the only equestrian brand in Europe to be fully certified by the Soil Association. Manufactured in the UK their products contain no nasty chemicals such as SLS or Parabens and no GMOs. These products are so pure they meet Human Cosmetics Standards. The packaging used for these products is widely recylable and includes a unique metal (spring) free pump.

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